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Once Upon a Christmas Moon

October 7, 2017


I know, I know, it's too early to think of Christmas, but during these stressful times, I believe we need to find a warm happy place in which to withdraw. I'm not sure when or who approved acts of violence as any way to express oneself, but it has raged out of control. I'm from the generation that touted "Make Love not War".

With those thoughts in mind, I invite you to keep your eyes open for the Once Upon a Christmas Moon anthology being released from Rogue Phoenix Press in time for Christmas. There are warrior gnomes and gnomepires; Southern mansions and Yankee gentlemen, as well as mischievious dogs, elfenchauns, and stranded aliens.

Can't hurt to curl up with a few short stories and let the rest of the world pass by.

Tags: aliens, christmas, civil war, dogs, elfenchaun, gnomepires, gnomes

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Dragons of the Ice -- to be released January 17, 2017

January 3, 2017

It's taken five years and a month of crunching to accomplish, but Dragons of the Ice is finished and set to be published January 17. Check Dragons page 3 for the front cover picture and an excerpt from the book.



Tags: dragons, paranormal, scandinavian, shifters

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Serious Characters

May 4, 2016

I've become the person my mother was afraid I would become... a rock n' roll bass playing, tattooed, Harley Riding woman. And I love it. I had gotten a tattoo when I lived in Hawai'i but it was based on erroneous information handed down through the family. I now have a tattoo of my lead female dragon/shapeshifter, Aleda who is black with hints of turquoise in her scales and turquoise eyes, holding a Fender bass like the one I play. I will have the front end of my Softtail Harley Davidson added shortly. Oh, this covers the left side of my back--top to bottom. I guess I now have something to put on papers when they ask for distinguishing marks!

Would you be as serious about a character you've created to put it on a tattoo on your body? If not, maybe you should rethink your characters. 

Tags: dragons, harley davidson, motorcycles, tattooes

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Moving past the barriers

January 27, 2016

It's now 2016, February-ish, to be exact. I've put out 150 applications, endured 30 or more interviews and still I have no pay-the-bills job. I applied for grocery clerk, gas station attendant, several jobs I had already done and was rewarded with 'thanks but no thanks' or 'looking for someone more suited to our needs. [What?]

With the obvious staring me in the face, I've opted to retire. Actually I have no choice. So I'm going to readjust my thinking and try to find my enthusiasm to write. Don't misunderstand me... I love to write. I just don't want writing my novels to become a "job".

I read an article by a writer who noted he was a bit miffed at his favorite author. The man had written five novels that had been made into movies but was lagging on putting out the sixth. He then amended his ire by working out the fact most readers have come to expect detailed, extensive books to be published yearly. Easily accomplished if one happens to have the runaway brilliance of Stephen King.

Most of us don't. While watching, yet again, The Hobbit, I did some research on how long it took Tolkien...


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Tap Dancing Dragons

November 23, 2015

It's a sight most of us hope NOT to see, but I've had dragons tap dancing in my brain. They'd completely forgotten me for a couple years. Now, who knows why but they are hell bent to complete the Dragons Among the Ice story before the beginning of 2016.

I'd been trying to pick up the slack and do the marketing needed to get my name in the public eye but between applying for five jobs a week, one to two interviews a week and dragons breathing hot sticky breath on my neck, I've been a bit busy. All these ducks should be settling into a row soon enough so we'll see if I can give marketing the ole' one/two try again.

C. L. Kraemer

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Open mouth, insert foot...

October 14, 2015

By circumstances not of my making, I was laid off in June 2015. I'd had forewarning so began my job search in March. I've applied for approximately 80+ jobs since. Most of the time, I'm afforded an interview. Other times the notifications fall off the face of the earth. To say it has been stressful is an understatement.

There are the assorted 'must pays' as well as the eating thing, you know. So when my SS check didn't arrive in my bank I was blowing smoke out my ears. At a time when every penny counts, how could they deny me something I've worked for because they made a mistake. I proceeded to rant and bark and make all kinds of noise.

Today, as I was checking to make sure my unemployment had been deposited, I was stunned by the amount showing in my account. What? Had we won the lottery and not known? I doubt it. I scrolled down the balance sheet and there, big as the day is long, was my SS income--on the SECOND Wednesday of the month; just like they said.

By the way...what's the best way to eat crow?

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October 11, 2015

20:52:54 Power. It's a very simple word; five letters, but the idea has started wars since the dawning of time. As I've mentioned so many times my friends roll their eyes when I say it, I'm a military child. My father chose to dedicate his life to his country in the Marine Corps. Due to that fact, I was moved from pillar to post all my childhood. Power wasn't even spoken of in our home, we knew who the boss was--Dad, excuse me, Sgt. Dad.

I'm never going to see 55 again. Big deal, we all age, but I choose to start living, really living, when my husband and I returned to our home in Oregon to be with our kids [my amazing, wonderful, talented stepchildren]. He'd finally gotten his Harley Davidson and was in seventh heaven finally being able to ride how he wanted. I loved riding on the back. You still get the feel of the wind in your face but you don't have to do anything but make sure you and your driver have worked out communication at 65 MPH with the wind whistling in your ears.

When we moved from the California desert to the...


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