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Murder, mayhem and mass transit



2016 was filled with hospital AND emergency room visits as well as a temporary position that is ending December 31. I also received some sad news that a friend has limited time left to him. Consequently, I put my tukus in the chair and finished Dragons of the Ice. It went to the publisher the first part of December, and I'm hoping it will be released before my friend loses his battle with cancer.

I find I'm wondering what to do with my writing time. I've so many stories waiting to be completed, I'm tempted to flip a coin and go with the results. Maybe I'll take a breather until after the holidays then concentrate on a specific tale.




2015 started out with a bang for our household. The plumbing quit working in our newly purchased house. Have you ever tried to get a plumber to come out on January 1? If you got a positive response, please send me your secret. After several other life incidents, I made the conscious decision to knuckle down and pursue this passion with a vengance. We'll see.


News Updates


My writing journey has slowed due to the annoying intervention of that thing called life. Between smothering my poor unsuspecting grandchildren with 'grandma cooties', riding my softtail Harley alongside my husband and working full time, I find my attention to my writing has wavered.

I have the final 100+ pages to complete on the Dragons Among the Ice book, and another faerie story introducing a couple new mythical creature races I must finish before July.


Until you see the golden glow of my eyes, keep reading and be nice to each other.

C.L.Kraemer on a very good day.

I've tried to move into the 21st Century by opening a Facebook page -- C. L. Kraemer. Stop by. 

Enchanted Realms, Xlibris, "Cyre Drake"

In the woods surrounding Mt. St. Helens, strange occurrences have been happening since the eruption of May 18, 1980. Aleda Sable has a tendency not to believe her editor, Warren Hennessy, when he swears what he has told her is true... after all, the newspaper she works for is a gossip tabloid for the Northwest. But this time he's almost convinced her there is something to be investigated. But really, dragons at Mt. St. Helens? What has he been smoking?