C. L. Kraemer's Dragon and Draggin' Adventures

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C. L. Kraemer

That's me; second from the right with the flaming burgandy hair on the champagne colored softtail, enjoying the company of other riders on Mother's Day 2015. Having not learned to ride a motorcycle until I was over 60, I missed so much. Believe me, though, I'm making up for it as often as I can!

I'm C. L. Kraemer, motorcycle rider and storyteller. My childhood of constant moving had a big hand in shaping the ability of storytelling. Days spent in the back of a moving car zipping through numerous states with no one but your brother to talk to [eeeewwwww!] inspired the yarn spinning gene in me.


Luckily, my brother grew to be a pretty terrific guy and I found a way to make my stories entertaining to others, as well as myself. I started with romance stories and soon turned my interest to mysteries. I grew up reading every Agatha Christie book I could check out at the library.

Within a short period of time whether I wanted or not, dragons crept into my brain and took over. They opened the door for other fantasy creatures and now I'm up to my eyeballs in faeries, gnomes and assorted elves.

As with most writers, I'm driven by the circumstances surrounding my daily life. I don't write a book a month or even a book a year. I write when my characters are insistent and pushy and I want a decent night's sleep.


What's new.

As I complete another book in my Dragon series or find another one or two new mythical creature race, I'll try to keep you posted.

An unexpected push into retirement has me scrambling. This IS what I wanted for longer than I can remember but when you have the time for unlimited writing, how do you stop it from becoming -- a job? I'll putz along putting words to my stories until I can figure out the conundrum I've created for myself. Hoping to nudge my dragons to move on and allow other stories a front seat.