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The bane of working to pay bills seems to hang over us all. My 2015 year has been -- a journey I don't think I would have planned. A contracted job ended and gave me all the writing time I wanted...however, it also ended all the income needed to keep the electricity on to do the final writing. [I still do a great deal of my writing with pencil, paper and a VERY large eraser.]

The unfortunate truth of unemployment claims are they are limited, most are not extendable beyond 180 days and they require the claimant to search for work as if it were a job. Soooo, all my lovely free time has been spent searching for work - to no avail. The sands in the glass are running out and I'm no closer to a job than the day I was laid off.


My writing has been fast and furious and I WILL finish Dragons 3 before the end of 2015. Then come the most dreaded part of a writer's life-editing. Wish me well.




While I did have a new dragon book scheduled for release in June 2012, Dragons Among the Ice, the date was pushed a bit farther back to provide me the time to write the story with care.

Pushed back ALOT further. It's now 2015 and the hope is to get the book finished before the end of the year. I'm 63,000 words into it and not yet halfway done. These dragons are the chattiest I've ever known.    












Healthy Homicide

Alexa Bond Culver has less than a month in office as mayor of Palmdale, California. The last thing she needs is trouble but it rears its ugly head in the form of murder in the Vitamin Verandah of her favorite day spa.

Why would anyone murder Vonnie Spencer? Sure, she's irritating but not enough to murder. There is something else behind the heinous act. When another body is found in the Vitamin Verandah, within the week, the community is in an uproar.

Alexa decides to call in an old friend to help her uncover the nasty business at the spa. She has no intention of ending her political career under a cloud.

What is so important two people had to die?

Healthy Homicide will be coming out in October 2008.

The brilliant cover below was designed by myself and, thankfully, photographed and perfected by Artist and Photographer Molly Hauxwell. Her boundless energy, attention to detail, and goal of perfection made this cover the work of art that you see.

I'm hoping to work with her again for other covers of my books.  

Review from Nicole

Healthy Homicide
by C. L. Kraemer

Healthy Homicide by C.L. Kraemer is an intriguing plot driven mystery.
The plot is well written and carries the story.
The writing is fresh and all in all Healthy Homicide makes an enjoyable read.