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More books from C. L. Kraemer. You'll see a picture of the cover and a short blurb to let you know what the book is about. Books available in ebook downloads with multiple formats and in trade paper back form available at and Barnes and Noble.


On May 7, 1981, at 10:25 pm inside the Oregon Museum Tavern, Salem, Oregon, a lone gunman entered and opened fire on patrons. At the end of his ten minute spree, three were dead, twenty wounded and a fourth died on the way to the hospital. The city of Salem was changed forever.

Lucy Daniels has a secret--a deeply guarded secret.

Her life was going along just fine until she accompanied her best friend, Cassie, to her attorney's suite on top of the Equitable Building in downtown Salem, Oregon.

Once inside the lawyer's office, the world turned upside down and Lucy was forced to face a demon from her past. Thirty years ago, life had been different. Lucy had discovered Prince Charming and was headed to her happily ever after.

That's when the devil intervened and because of her brush with the devil, innocent people died.


Four brothers raised in the Northwest.


Two choose to stay and pursue life in Oregon. 


Two are seduced by the promise of Hollywood.


Life throws the Palmer brothers an ugly curve 

when two are killed in preventable accidents. 


Even more upsetting is the lack of justice in 

the trials of the perpetrators.


The remaining brothers will find justice using a 

shared passion of all the participants – 

motorcycle poker runs