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Available work from C. L. Kraemer

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Cats in the Cradle of Civilization


Glenda Nagel finds herself in the center of a mystery surrounding the Egyptian Goddess Bastett. How can she not respect a civilization that loves cats as much as she cherishes her three furry roommates? As editor of the Getty Museum’s “Archeology in Today’s World”, she is aware of the role ancient artifacts play on the market for collectors. What she didn’t count on was being in the center of an artifact smuggling operation and having her home in Juniper Hills ransacked. If she’s going to continue to breath, she and a freelance reporter she’s hired will have to unravel the intrigue surrounding a perfect ivory statuette with emerald eyes uncovered by her own cats in a clay pot given her by the new Antiquities Director of the Getty Museum.


Enchanted Realms II - Cyre Drake - First Siting

Dragons? In the 21st century? Oh, puh-lease. Aleda Sable works for a newspaper of questionable veracity in Portland, Oregon. When Warren Hennessy, her editor, gives her an assignment to verify a fuzzy picture with a dark spot he swears is a dragon, Aleda begins to doubt his sanity.

She takes her planned vacation into the Mt. St. Helen’s wilderness to unwind and marvel at the tenacity of Mother Nature. It hardly seems 25 years have passed since the eruption happened that killed so many and changed the mindset as well as the landscape of the Northwest. 

Her vacation becomes a quest into her own unusual background and physical attributes; her college cocoon quickly unraveling as she joins forces with a legendary creature, Cyre Drake, Dragon, to save the planet from forces of which most of the inhabitants have no knowledge.



Healthy Homicide

Two murders have occurred at the Palmdale Day Spa and Rejuvenation Clinic. Police hurry to find the method, and reason, before anyone else is murdered.
Review from Nicole

Healthy Homicide
by C. L. Kraemer

Healthy Homicide by C.L. Kraemer is an intriguing plot driven mystery.
The plot is well written and carries the story.
The writing is fresh and all in all Healthy Homicide makes an enjoyable read.


A Different Kind of Valentine - The Prize

Wishes can come true... but they are not always what they seem. 


Old Enough

She was looking to escape her past in a quiet little town.

He was recovering from a bad marriage and trying to get custody of his daughter.

The last thing she needed was a younger man complicating her life, but fate threw them a curve and sparks flew. 



If Only


Barbara Langley has the new body and face of a much younger woman, but at a high price -- the accidental death of her husband by a drunk driver. Who knew he was listening when she complained she hated looking so old when she felt so young? 

 Her best friend, Rachel, calls in a promise Barbara made years before. The two leave the rainy Northwest to visit Tampa, Florida, where Barbara fell in love for the first time. 

Becoming accustomed to her new look, she flirts with a younger man who is smitten by her. When she threatens to reveal her true age, Rachel suggests she just enjoy the attention.

Moon in Mazatlan

Detective Corey Williams likes the quiet small town atmosphere of Oakdale, Virginia. When his best friend's ex-wife tries to have his friend murdered, Corey steps up and takes things into his hands.

An arrest, a wedding, and meeting a red-haired angel weren't part of his plans. On top of that... the ex-wife is leading him and the red-haired reporter angel on a chase over two countries. He's oath bound to bring the fugitive back to face trial.

What he hadn't counted on was falling in love with the angel reporter.